Parish Council Policy Documents

The governance of Parish Council is maintained through the provision of papers which guide the Councillors and the Clerk in the day-to-day business of the council. Just click on the link and the document will be available as a PDF for examination and, if needed, downloading.

Reference & Policy Documents

Standing Orders15th October 2014June 2018May 2020
EHDC Code of Members Conduct15th October 2014August 2016May 2020
Financial Regulations19th February 2014July 2019July 2020
Finance & General Purposes Committe TOR15th July 2015July 2019July 2020
Terms of Reference - Planning Committee1st June 2016June 2016July 2018
Terms of Reference - Open Space Committee1st June 2016June 2016July 2018
Grant Application Policy18th January 2017July 2017July 2018
Publication Scheme21st January 2015January 2019July 2019
Child & Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy16th November 2016July 2017July 2018
Risk Assessment18th May 2016July 2017July 2018
Code of Practice for Handling Complaints21st January 2015July 2017July 2018
Health & Safety in the workplace19th April 2017July 2018
Equality Policy21st June 2017July 2018
Discipline and Grievances PolicyJuly 2018July 2019
Training & Development Policy19th April 2017July 2018
Employers Discretions Policy19th April 201715th November 2017
Policy will be active on 16th December 2017
July 2018
Parish Council Action Plan20th September 2017
January 2018
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Policy20th September 2017July 2018
Hire, use of, or work on Council Facilities by Third Parties20th September 2017January 2019July 2019
Communication & Social Media Policy20th September 2017July 2018
Illegal & Unauthorised Encampments Procedures Policy15th November 2017Updated July 2018July 2019
Recreation Ground Rules of Use15th November 2017July 2018
Privacy Notice18th April 2018July 2018
Data Retention Policy18th April 2018July 2018
Data Protection Policy18th April 2018July 2018
Bonfire & Firework Guidance
Tree Management Policy17th July 2019July 2020